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..Every card program
..comes with a variety of
..program activity reports.

  • Monthly Merchant Summary
  • Monthly location summary
  • Transaction detail by card
  • Transaction detail by month
  • Transaction detail by location
  • Multi-location pooling report
  • Outstanding balance summary
  • Service charge transaction detail

Auto Rewards Program Sample Receipts
Sample receipts shown below for an Auto Rewards program set up with the following parameters: 1 point = 1 dollar / 100 points = $10 value auto-added to card.

Receipt #1: Customer makes a $75 purchase and is credited with 75 points.

Receipt #2: Customer makes a $50 purchase which causes the point balance to reach the 100-point reward level. The system automatically redeems 100 points, credits the card with $10 of reward value and leaves a balance of 25 points towards the next reward.

Receipt #3: Optional receipt. Collect customer data when issuing a new card.


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