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Plastic Card Printing - Contactless Cards

Contactless Cards Allstate began producing Plastic contact less smart chip technology 2 years ago. Since then, we continue to lead the industry and card market by delivering the latest in contact less cards. As a card manufacturer, we want to offer high-quality cards at a competitive price.

The Technology

Contact less cards use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to transmit card information to the reader. In most instances, there is no need to sign a receipt, input a personal identification number (PIN) or hand the card to the cashier. This expedites the transaction for both the consumer and business. Contact less cards are also equipped with a magnetic strip so they can still be used in traditional swipe machines.

Industries using contact less smart card technology include government and corporate ID cards, transit fare payment cards, passports and visas, and financial payment cards. Leading financial and transit institutions have adopted contact less payment technology to offer customers increased convenience and speed when making purchases. Cards no longer have to leave the consumers hands; they are simply waived in front of a device to complete the transaction. Consumers don't have to bother with change, cash or swiping their card.

Contactless is Secure

The contact less card has a higher level of security and protection than that available with traditional cards. Contact less payment cards utilize technology that brings more security to the card holder by making it almost impossible to skim the card information. The cards use microprocessor chips that decipher the information and use the CPU of the chip to check and authenticate the messages - all of which are encrypted. Each transaction is unique and digitally signed, which prevents duplication and data theft. Cards that require the highest level of security use contact less technology based on the international standard ISO/IEC 14443.4

Smart Cards Consumer Benefits

1. Speed
2. Convenience
3. Privacy

Merchant Benefits

1. Lower Costs
2. Decrease in Transaction Time
3. Inexpensive Installation

Issuer Benefits

1. Security
2. Consumer Loyalty
3. Increase in Profits

Smart Cards

Our approach to smart cards is unique from other manufacturers. Allstate produces microprocessor, contact and contact less cards for the financial and ID card markets and memory cards. Memory cards can be used for several applications such as pre-paid telephone, library, access control, college, loyalty schemes, or parking cards. Cost Effective Processes

Allstate is committed to providing customers the latest in technology and consistently researches methods to provide innovative products at the best possible price for our customers. We work in tandem with various payment associations to cooperatively share advantages of such programs as Visa Smart Breakthrough and Multos Step One. We have delivered within those programs VISA $1 Cards, JCOP cards and Multos cards.

Strategic Alliances

Allstate has developed partnerships with industry leaders to provide customers with the best product available at the most cost- effective price. Our business alliances include those who can produce smart card components including chips and inlays, as well as operating systems and loaded applications for personalization software. Components such as these are needed to produce the highest quality contact less card available.

We want to help you make your smart card project easier. You can choose the chips and the operating system you prefer and Allstate will produce the smart cards that work with your choices.

Smart Technology

Allstate advanced award winning technology enables your company to stay one step ahead of the competition. As a privately owned American card producer, Allstate has the ability to respond extremely fast to market changes and customer requests. In addition, Allstate customers have the advantages of working with an organization that is large enough to be able to invest substantially into technology to provide leading edge and innovative solutions in smart cards.


We want to help you make your smart card project easier. You can choose the chips and the operating system you prefer and Allstate will produce the smart cards that work with your choices.

Allstate professionals can also assist you in defining your Smart Card parameters such as:

  • Identifying the most cost-effective chip for your company's needs.
  • Recommending first-class operating systems that are accepted by international institutions,
  • Referring and advising application providers for access control, loyalty, payment in closed environments or libraries, etc.
  • Helping you with the personalization and issuance of the cards.

Smart Card Manufacturing

Our systems are also capable of adding security features to your card. Our smart card experts will create your card body and embed your specific modules according to ISO standards and your specifications.

Pre-Personalization and Personalization

Allstate equipment allows pre-personalization and personalization of the chips. We can download the file structure and personalize your memory chip cards at the same time we can ink-jet serial numbers. Allstate can also initialize and fully personalize your microprocessor cards.


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